What is the Country Risk Assessment Tool?

The Country Risk Assessment Tool is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud-based country and territory risk assessment tool, which contains a new methodology that assesses the country risk of 260 countries and territories based on over 25 credible third-party data sources and provides a normalised score across each survey and an overall country risk score for each country or territory based on a professional judgement across all surveys.

The Country Risk Assessment Tool is maintained frequently to ensure that the latest survey results are considered, saving you time and money.

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What does the Country Risk Assessment Tool measure?

The Country Risk Assessment Tool measures the risks of each country or territory using over 25 credible third-party data sources that provide an assessment of the risk profile across the following risk factors dimensions:

  • Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risk Factors
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Risk Factors
  • Financial and Transparency Standards Risk Factors
  • Public Transparency and Accounting Risk Factors
  • Political and Legal Risk Factors

Our Methodology

Financial Crimes Solutions do not generate our own data, instead, we aggregate trusted third-party data from over 25 credible third-party data sources.

Since all the third-party sources use different metrics to assess the country risks, we employ normalization and aggregation techniques to generate our own overall risk score and rating based on the component sources, applying expert judgment to derive the final overall country risk score.

Firstly, Financial Crimes Solutions compiled a list of 260 countries based on the International Country Code standards.

Secondly, we referenced over 25 credible third-party data sources, grouped across five risk factor dimensions and marked the ‘actual’ score against each country.

Thirdly, we applied expert judgment to normalize the actual score for each data source; the methodology for this is available to our users.

Finally, we reviewed the composite risk scores across each of the 25 different risk factors and apply an expert judgment to derive the overall risk score for a country, which is based on a sliding scale from 1 (Extremely Low Risk) to 10 (Extremely High Risk).

As a result of applying a qualitative expert assessment the individual risk factors are not weighted equally or statistically, with greater emphasis placed on certain risk factor dimensions than others. Applying purely mathematical calculations to derive an overall risk factor, was considered initially but discounted due to the wide range of different variables and the potential for over or under-estimating key metrics. Country risk assessment is more of an art than an exact science!

How it works – get started in 4 easy steps!

Select Countr(ies)

The Country Risk Assessment Tool contains normalised risk scores for 260 countries and territories that are frequently maintained by experts to save you time and money.Learn more

Visualise Outputs

Generate a ‘drillable’ world-map with the country risk of each country displayed which once clicked reveals the country score and composite risk factors.Learn more

Generate Report

Generate a customised PDF snapshot report containing data analytics, observations and recommended actions tailored to selected countries and retain for audit purposes.Learn more


Our cloud-based pricing model recognises that country risks apply to a diverse range of businesses from small owner-operators to multi-national organisations and is tiered based on either the number of employees or annual revenues (whichever is higher), with 5 different annual license plans.

All prices are in USD$ and cover the annual license fee, hosting and support.

  • Red
  • $999yr
  • 5 Employees OR
  • $250k Revenue
  • Bronze
  • $1999yr
  • 6-25 Employees OR
  • $250k-$999k Revenue
  • Silver
  • $3999yr
  • 26-100 Employees OR
  • $1m-$5m Revenue
  • Gold
  • $5999yr
  • 101-999 Employees OR
  • $5-$10m Revenue
  • Platinum
  • $9999yr
  • 1,000+ Employees OR
  • $10m+ Annual Revenue

Additional user licenses can be purchased (at any time) for just USD$299 per user, per year.

Our non-hosted pricing model is tiered and priced in the same manner but is only available to Platinum clients.

There is an additional annual premium of 30% added as a maintenance and support fee, which is designed to cover the initial installation, software upgrades and base level technical support (which can be scaled as required).

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