What is the Money Laundering Risk Assessment Tool?

The Money Laundering Risk Assessment Tool (MLRAT) helps organisations to identify, assess, mitigate and manage money laundering and terrorism financing risks across different dimensions and over 300 different risk factors by providing a standardised process for performing risk assessments on the core requirements of the AML/CFT program and provides a graphical depiction of a risk matrix, depicting the areas of higher risk, highlighting focus areas. This helps organisations in designing, implementing and maintaining robust policies, procedures, systems and controls to reduce these risks.

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Solution Overview

The Money Laundering Risk Assessment Tool contains over 300 different risk factors which are organised across different risk categories:

  • Internal organisational context  company structure, operational functions, nature of business activity, commitment to combating money laundering activity and communications
  • Internal controls – risk assessment, policies and procedures, training and awareness, monitoring and surveillance, governance and oversight
  • Customers – customer types, customer characteristics, watchlist and politically exposed person (PEP) screening controls, customer due diligence and enhanced customer due diligence
  • Products – product types and product characteristics
  • Channels – domestic and/or international distribution channels for products and venues for gaming, hotel, pub and club operators
  • Jurisdictions – over 260 countries and territories and over 25 reliable and independent sources (based on a summarised view of the country risk assessment).


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How it works – get started in 4 easy steps!

Configure Model

Use out-of-the-box or tailor to suit your requirements – adding risk factors, changing scores or weightings between categories is easy!Learn more

Create Assessment

Assess the inherent risk (likelihood x impact) and assess effectiveness of any mitigating controls across 300+ different risk factorsLearn more

Generate Report

Generate a PDF snapshot report for audit purposes containing data analytics, observations and recommended actions.Learn more


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You can choose from a subscription-based pricing model for cloud-deployments (multi or single tenanted) or on-premise deployments.

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